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Our History

We are a family run business which was started way back in 1975 by Tom Brown. Over the last 44 years we have a gained a reputation for our wonderful service, attention to detail and reliability. We are widely known for our vast stock levels and the fact that we hardly ever have to say no.

The Team

We currently employ a staff of 22, many of whom have been with us for ten years - some a lot more than that!

Without excellent staff we would be nothing. If you cannot or will not go the extra mile then there is no place for you at Tom Brown's.

Whilst our team all enjoy what they do, they take their roles very seriously.

We have a plant specialist, ex-manageress of a chain of florists, sundries specialist and an ex-corporate florist all under one roof.

If it's help and advice you need then we are always ready to offer guidance

Cash & Carry

For those of you who are lucky enough to be close to us you may wish to visit our 11,000 sq.ft one stop cash and carry which is conveniently situated close to the M25, M2, A2, A20 and London South Circular orbital road.

On the ground floor you will find outdoor and indoor plants, twigs, tropicals and various seasonal items. Also located on this floor is our 3,000 sq.ft temperature controlled cut flower showroom, boasting natural daylight levels and a vast array of cut flowers and foliages.

On the first floor you will find 5,500 sq.ft. of floral sundry items. If it has anything to do with Floriculture you will find it here and we probably have the largest selection of foam products in the entire UK. A real Aladdin’s cave, why not come and see for yourself, we truly believe that it is the best in the UK.

Please note we operate a no returns policy for sundry items purchased in our Cash & Carry

Sorry, but we DO NOT serve members of the public.

View our contact page for opening times and directions

Online Shop

Our online shop is great for those who can't use the Cash & Carry. You can order flowers and plants from all over the globe, not just Dutch.

To use our online shop you will need to register for an account* - once approved you will be buying great quality flowers and foliage in no time. Trade customers are welcome and we can offer credit terms, subject to approval. Sorry, but we DO NOT serve members of the public.

All purchases are Express delivered from the grower or auction to your door in around 24 hours and every online purchase is covered by a 24 hour money back guarantee on all genuine complaints - though we don't expect any.

If you have any problems using our online services then please get in touch and we will assist you.

Tom Brown Wholesale Florist - Online Shop

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